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     Findings and Fact Checks about EID,
     the El Dorado Irrigation District

 This site is independent, not produced by EID.
 Its goal is to research issues and fact-check  statements in public discourse about EID, the El Dorado Irrigation District.

This web site, EIDFact.net,  presents a set of single issue findings and a set of fact-check reviews about public issues relating to EID, the El Dorado Irrigation District. Over time it will add limited reviews relating to California drought, water supply, and regulatory issues.

These especially concern specific matters and categories of EID business which have entered public attention through political opinion, which often is inconsistent with facts and fact-based reasoning.

A section of Findings contains reviews of single-issue subjects chosen for attentiion by the author of EIDFact.net. A section of Fact Checks uses a format similar to that of PolitiFact.com to review statements made by others, especially EID directors and citizens expressing opinions in the local news media.

Why do issue reviews and fact-checks?  "In the absence of knowledge we default to fear."
Substituting fear for fact and valid reasoning leads us to choices that often are harmful to our own interests, and even conflicting with our own values.

Credit for the quotation, "In the absence of knowledge we default to fear":  Author Shawn Otto.
It relates to his recent book, The War on Science:  Who's Waging It, Why It Matters, What We Can Do About It.